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World of Goo-d news for Europe


We love you, 2D Boy. Yes, you, Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler. As if the brilliant, brilliant World of Goo wasn't already enough to make us swoon, the hunky dreamy dynamic duo have done something that bigger companies should do more: they've actually listened to the people who buy their games.

Before today, World of Goo was all set to be a retail title in Europe, a decision that brought about a backlash, due to the added expense. Carmel heard the outcry, because he recently told Gamasutra: "We've caught some flak for [the decision]. Gamers were kind of annoyed. Apparently, we had no idea about this, but European gamers often feel like they're getting screwed, because games arrive late and cost more." Too true!

So now, World of Goo is coming to WiiWare in Europe also! A post on the 2D Boy blog reveals that it should be coming in December, and for probably the same price (1500 points, and worth every one). And what of the extra sixth chapter that Europe is getting as a consolation prize? We're going to totally speculate that it will be made available as DLC, in which case North America could get the missing section after all. Everybody wins!


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