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Worms, UMK3, Feeding Frenzy now on XBLA Hits page [update]


Update: Yup. No new game on XBLA this week. These new Arcade Hits are all we get.

Microsoft has yet to make any official announcements, but it looks like some new Xbox Live Arcade Hits are headed to our favorite download service. Three new titles have appeared on the official Arcade Hits page: Feeding Frenzy, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and Worms. All of them are listed at a new price of 400 Microsoft Points ($5), half of their original 800 Point price. We checked Xbox Live Marketplace and all three titles are still listed at their original price, so right now all we're really waiting for is an announcement from Microsoft. Given that Wednesday is the day that Xbox Live Arcade announcements are made, we wouldn't be suprirsed if these new discounts are announced today or tomorrow. We'll update this post when we have new information.

After all, Worms + Friends = Party.

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