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Nokia E63 gets unboxed, examined


We've seen spy shots and official shots of Nokia's new E63 handset, but nothing quite makes our day like unboxing shots of a fresh new device (even if it's a pre-production unit), and the folks at the TamsS60 blog have thankfully come through on that front, and offered a few impressions of the phone for good measure. Of particular note, they say that the E63's keyboard layout is "a lot less annoying" than the one on the E71, and the "weird type of rubber" used apparently feels better to the touch as well. Anyone looking to ditch their E71 should also be aware that those changes affect the size of the device, so you're out of luck if you were hoping to hang onto your E71's case. Hit up the link below for some more pics, and keep an eye on the site for a full review that's promised soon.

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