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Official forums temporarily set to read only

Alex Ziebart

As soon as players could access them, the official forums went up in flames. Downtime, PvP gear bugs, the mail debacle, and the usual game balance crying. The forums were an utter mess. I think all of us have enough experience with those forums to know that people can't keep things to one thread, and with increased traffic due to downed servers... well, it got ugly.

It apparently became bad enough that select forums had to be switched over to Read Only mode for improved accessibility, Zarhym says. I assume this is a response to very, very seriously increased traffic on the official forums. The forums (and the official website) went up and down throughout maintenance today, keeping many players in the dark about what was going on. Communication with the playerbase is one of the primary roles of the community managers, and it's really hard to do that when the forums are in the state they were. I'm a regular poster on my realm forums and it's a bit jarring not being able to post there, but it's for the best.

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