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Play on Wii Donkey Kong has new stages, drastic changes


According to a Famitsu article translated by IGN, at least one game from Nintendo's forthcoming Play on Wii series will feature deeper modifications than slapped-on Wii controls. We've often questioned how well Donkey Kong Jungle Beat would work with the Wiimote and Nunchuk (given that the original game was played with plastic bongos), and Nintendo also seems unsure.

Because of this, the remade Jungle Beat is being moulded into a more traditional platformer, with repositioned enemies, new mid-level checkpoints, and only a handful of motion-controlled moves (The nunchuk's analog stick moves Donkey Kong, and the A button makes him jump). Significantly, there will also be completely new stages, though Famitsu didn't reveal further details (such as how many). The remake of Pikmin, incidentally, will feature no new content, the modified control scheme aside.

Can Jungle Beat work as a traditional platformer? We'll hold judgment on that, while noting that the DK Bongos played a major role in making the original game fun.

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