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Watch live Wrath of the Lich King installation and gameplay on WoW Insider this evening

Mike Schramm

I'm heading out to our midnight launch in Chicago here in a bit, but as soon as I get my game and get back, I'll be streaming the installation and my first few hours of gameplay live on our WoW Insider Ustream page. We've also placed a copy of the stream after the break on this post, so come on back here just after midnight central time to watch us take the first few steps into Wrath.

We'll also be chatting live in the chat channel, and I'll be broadcasting audio as well, so we'll be able to talk live about how the launch went and how everyone is doing in Wrath so far. Whether you weren't able to get the game this evening (or just want to watch along with us as you play), definitely tune in. The stream will start up right around 12:30am Central time, and it'll go until I hit level 80 or until I pass out from lack of sleep, whichever comes first.

Everybody have a great time at the launches -- here's hoping for a smooth transition from Outland to Northrend.

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