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WoW Moviewatch: Warcraft Retrospective, pt III


There could be few other videos as meaningful today as GameTrailers' Warcraft Retrospective, Part III. We're only twelve hours away before we can attend Wrath opening parties, get our grubby hands on a copy, and rush home to install it. It's not like I have a stopwatch on my desk, with the "tick tick tick" counting down until I can make a purchase.

This isn't machinima. And if you're a regular reader of WoW Insider, there's not a lot of information here that's going to blow your socks off. (Except, maybe, the reminder that the Honor system has had some painful, painful changes.) But that's not the point of the retrospective -- the point is to take a moment and look back at the history of Warcraft.

Viewed through that light, I enjoyed the retrospective. I had the good fortune to be playing even in the original beta, and right up to now, to be able to enjoy the release of Wrath tonight. There's a few things I might have liked to see mentioned that didn't make the cut, like good ol' Captain Placeholder. But they only had so much time, and I enjoyed the nostalgia for its own sake. Additionally, it'd make a great "introduction" to any luddites who haven't already heard of WoW, so the video's got a little utility in that regard also.

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