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Wrath comes early to Europe

Eliah Hecht

Although the rest of us have to wait until midnight Eastern/9 PM PST, it looks like some lucky European subscribers have gained entry to Northrend and access to Death Knight creation! We've been getting multiple tips about it from different tipsters over the past half hour; at first it was easy to call it a fake, but at this point there are enough independent claims out there that I'll just have to accept the fact: North America is slow.

Seriously though, how does it feel to be among the first non-beta Death Knights and Northrend questers in the world? Presumably, these are people who managed to get their copies of the game early, and upgraded their accounts already; who would have thought that would actually work? On second thought, maybe it's a good thing we don't have Wrath early. I would be seriously tempted to stay home and skip my own midnight event.

I guess this means the race to 80 is on, and it's a pretty good bet the winner will be on a European realm. They always seem to get the firsts anyway.

Update: this is apparently official: "Remember, there are different time zones, even in Europe." Wrath is live!

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