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Wrath Installation Gallery

Zach Yonzon

Data Blitz, a local gaming store, pulled off a 7-11 here in the Philippines and our Guild Master was able to procure a copy of Wrath a full day ahead of when it is scheduled to launch. Doesn't matter, really, what with Death Knights running amok in Europe already. I borrowed the installation DVD -- thank goodness we're over the age of multiple CDs -- and installed Wrath on my own machine. Note: I only included screens with distinct images. The story progresses even with the same image (only the text changes), so I didn't include all of those. You'll be able to read through the entire story pretty soon yourselves, anyway.

You can install Wrath of the Lich King even before the official launch of the game, as well as upgrade your account to a Wrath account. Even after upgrading, your account will still be tagged as a Burning Crusade account. That should change by midnight (or now, if you live in Europe). You'll still be able to play the game normally, but until Blizzard decides to open up Northrend, at least in the US, it'll just be like playing The Burning Crusade. The installation features the story of Arthas Menethil, presumably to work up players into wanting to go to Northrend and kick some Lich King butt. Because, you know, Arthas is kind of a jerk.

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