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Xbox Phat makes Time's 'Microsoft Moments'


The original Xbox was no toy. It weighed more than your kid. The controller brought new meaning to "man hands" -- the darn thing was known as the "Duke," after all. In short, this was a man's console. And what could be manlier than a "mankind-vs-aliens space opera," its featured launch title?

Time has honored the big rig as one of its "Top 10 Microsoft Moments," barely nudging out the disastrous Vista launch for the #8 spot (er, chronologically, at least). To make this moment more meta, let's all share our top Xbox moments in the comments below. Was it when your house burned down? Or the time dad nailed it to a tree? Or how about installing that really groovy mod chip?

Ours: The first time we signed into Live and caught an earful of "$#!@%!!" Yep, it was a special moment -- even recorded it in our diary that night:

may 6, 2003

dear diary,

signed up for xbox LIVE today! played our first online match of return to castle wolfenstein as the medic but there was a lot of shouting. got cornered by leaping enemies -- died real quick. then they gathered over our body and repeatedly crouched -- up and down, up and down -- until we respawned. we tried to ask a teammate about it but his mic was distorted by loud music on his end. said he had to "bag" (grab?) some tea or something.
then we lagged out. ok. getting sleepy. more tomorrow -- can't wait! sweet dreams!!


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