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Apple to be "aggressive" on Black Friday


If rumors are to believed, Apple will do its part to stimulate the economy on November 28th, also known as "Black Friday" here in the US.

Generally recognized as the start of the holiday shopping season, the day after Thanksgiving is when retailers lure shoppers out of their beds at ungodly hours with the promise of huge discounts. Yes, nothing says "let's go shopping at 5AM" like a stomach full of tryptophan.

While Apple has not revealed their Black Friday plans, analyst Ben Reitzes of Barclays Capital says he expects aggressive pricing to compete with a dismal economy and significant offers from competitors. For instance, some American big box stores are expected to drop PC prices below $300US. How will Apple do it? Twenty-five billion dollars in cash reserves and no debt certainly helps.

So go easy on the Schlitz and set your alarms for The Crack of Dawn. There are deals to be had.

Update: Yes, the image originally accompanying this post had the appointment listed on the 27th. Let's just say it was a test of your skills of observation.

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