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GameStop having credit card issues

Allison Robert

Just a quick note here for our readers who are lined up (or are planning to line up) at a GameStop: we're getting reports that GameStop stores are having serious issues with credit cards at the moment, and according to Adam Holisky, a number of people are being turned away or asked to bring cash in order to pay for the game. So far we've confirmed that the issue is occuring at GameStops in Madison, Fargo, Las Vegas, and Kansas City. We haven't heard about any issues occurring at other stores' midnight releases, so for the moment we're assuming that the issues are specific to GameStop's system and they're aware of the problem.

So, just as an FYI if you've reserved a copy at a GameStop, you may want to bring enough cash with you to cover the game's cost just in case yours is one of the affected stores. I'll update this post as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: Yep -- from both comments here and emails we've received, it's pretty apparent that it's a nationwide issue for GameStop. Credit card authorization has to be done manually so things are, as one of our readers has put it, "taking forever." Take cash, folks.

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