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i. TV and Netflix buddy up for mobile queue management


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iPhone media guides may be a dime a dozen (or, in the specific case of What's On TV, $0.99), but the free i.TV listings and lookup tool is starting to follow through on some of the promises for future feature development we heard when it was launched.

The new version, on the App Store now, includes third-party partnership integration with Netflix. You can manage your DVD rental queue and your instant-viewing list (if you have a supported target -- Mac streaming is "still in the works" but as we know you can sneak your way in), search the Netflix catalog, or check for DVD availability from any TV schedule listing or movie details screen.

Other new features include the addition of Wikipedia links from most movie, show and actor listings; new TV channel listings, along with an option to only show new/unaired episodes; and location-based searching for movie theaters.

i.TV says that the Netflix integration is the first of several third-party ties for the app, with more announcements coming through the end of 2008 and into 2009. Can't wait!

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