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Mirror's Edge flash game melds Faith with Fancy Pants

click to play Mirror's Edge 2D

Here's the thing: A lot of different people read Joystiq. We once met a 142-year-old woman who read Joystiq every morning before heading out to hunt for her meals. Then, there was that 3-month-old infant whose uncanny ability to read the site was only surpassed by his 6-digit gamerscore. What we're saying here is that we've learned to never pigeonhole our audience. And with that lesson in mind, we bring you the following: A Flash version of Mirror's Edge – titled Mirror's Edge 2D (beta), naturally – built by Mr. Fancy Pants Brad Borne himself.

We're sharing this with you since we know the info would appeal to several totally distinct groups. Group A: Fans of Mr. Borne's Flash-based indie platformer, Fancy Pants Adventure. Group B: Those of you are interested in anything with the words "Mirror's Edge" on it. Group C: Those of you stuck inside the claustrophobic confines of an office cubicle, reading this on your dimly lit office CRT, yearning to try out some of those moves you learned playing Mirror's Edge last night. Lastly, Group D: Those of you who get simulation sickness and vomit just seeing the words "Mirror's" and "Edge" strung together. Don't worry folks, this is 2D. Like that Flash Portal game. Oh, and sorry about this:

Mirror's Edge.

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