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    Panasonic's 65-inch TH-65PZ800 plasma reviewed: stellar indeed

    Darren Murph

    It's no 103-incher, but Panasonic's 65-inch TH-65PZ800 is rather imposing in its own right. The delighted critics over at Trusted Reviews were able to sit down with the monster recently, and needless to say, they fell in love with the gentle giant. Pretty much everything from top to bottom on this set was smiled upon, with the Wide Color Gamut technology in particular proving exceptionally praise-worthy. Incredibly enough, the set actually handled SD content just about as well as HD content, which is pretty remarkable for a panel of this stature. In the end, critics noted that it was "really tough to come up with anything seriously negative to say about the 65PZ800," and it was also stated that while it may not be quite as amazing as the Pioneer [KURO], it gets "startlingly close while costing less than [they] thought possible."

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