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Shonen Jump spills Blood of Bahamut details


Square Enix launched one of its beloved countdown sites recently, but was beaten to its own reveal by Shonen Jump magazine. The mystery game, as seen in this blurry screenshot, is Blood of Bahamut, an action RPG with four-player local co-op play and 2D sprites on 3D backgrounds. Oh, and it looks a bit like Shadow of the Colossus, though that's more of an observation than a criticism. We're not going to sling mud at any game that is inspired by Shadow of the Colossus, because Shadow of the Colossus is freakin' brilliant.

Anyhow, Shadow, sorry, Blood of Bahamut will feature two protagonists, Ibuki and Yui, who live in a city constructed on the back of a giant. On paper, that sounds great -- they'd get lovely views and lots of fresh air, for example -- but their giant keeps getting attacked by other hefty enemies, who they have to ward off. And to think the agent said such good things about the neighbors.

Ruliweb has the full scans, but we also recommend feasting your eyes on this exceptional concept art.

[Via Final Fantasy Union; Thanks, Darryl!]

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