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Ask a Wrath Player: From the ashes

Alex Ziebart

Yesterday marked the end of Ask a Beta Tester, and today we begin the rise from the ashes. Like we've been saying the last few days, we're going to continue Ask a Beta Tester under a different name. What name? We don't know yet. Ask a Wrath Player is what I used today, but is that what it will be tomorrow? Who knows! It's a mystery!

We're definitely here to stay, though. We're going to continue using the Q&A format for AAWP or AABT or AAGoGS or AASS or whatever bizarre acronym we end up with, so if you have any questions about Wrath or even the game in general, please ask! We have a very diverse crew here at WoW Insider, so if there's something I don't know personally, there's a big team I can ask. We don't have a lot of questions to answer from yesterday because everyone was busy partying hard to celebrate (mourn?) the end of AABT, but we'll answer what we have

Brill asked...

Is there a macro I can use to summon a random mount/noncombat pet no matter how many I have? I already know /castrandom (item names), but eventually you'll run out of room in your macro and some will be left out.

Unfortunately, I'm terrible with figuring out macros. Fortunately, we have some fantastic folk that read the site. Chris Anthony has the answer you're looking for:

/run c=GetNumCompanions("CRITTER");n=math.random(c);CallCompanion("CRITTER",n);

Replace both instances of the word "CRITTER" with "MOUNT" and it will summon a random mount instead of a random pet. Voila!

mizatt asked...

What ever happened with the ability to switch quickly between two specs? Is that implemented in the expansion? Or is that something they're going to patch into the game later?

That didn't make it in for Wrath of the Lich King's launch, but it is something that's still coming our way, and something I'm personally looking forward to. The most recent information we've heard about dual specs is that it will hopefully be made available in patch 3.1, Wrath's first full content patch. We haven't heard any super recent information about that, but it's probably our best bet right now.

And that's really all we have today! I know you have questions though, so ask them in the comments section below and we'll be here to answer. Like before, if we have a massive amount of questions in one day we may not be able to get to them all the very next day, but we'll certainly do our best to get to them all eventually.

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