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bluDANGLE makes wireless earpieces a little less wireless

Tim Stevens

What's cooler than wearing your Bluetooth headset wherever you go? Wearing it clipped to a lanyard wherever you go, that's what -- especially when that lanyard is made from 8 inches of 25 pound tensile strength magcord (i.e. elastic). That's the power of bluDANGLE, a curiously capitalized name for what is basically just a clip that turns your wireless device into a wired one, swinging in the breeze whenever you're not actually making a call. Normally we celebrate any attempt that encourages people to remove their earpieces when not in use, but we're not entirely sure having the thing dangling from your lapel is any less pretentious (check out the vid below and you tell us). But hey, for just $19.99 with a lifetime warranty who are we to complain? Makes a great stocking stuffer for your family's Bluetooth guy (or gal)!

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