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CCP Games issues heads up on phishing emails

James Egan

CCP Games sent out a warning today about phishing emails related to EVE Online, which are apparently making the rounds right now. Despite the fact that the emails are riddled with spelling and grammar errors, the company felt they should make the situation known to their playerbase.

EVE's community manager CCP Wrangler writes: "There is currently a phishing email circulating that claims to be sent from EVE Customer Support. This email claims that we had a database issue and lost some customer information and it asks you to login to make sure your information is still there. They conveniently provide their very own login link. This is of course not true; we have not lost any account information." There's no other information given in the announcement, but as always, it's best to manage your MMO accounts by simply going to the site directly rather than clicking an email link which prompts for your username and password.

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