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Dayton, Ohio broadcasters begin analog shutoff drills

Darren Murph

You can now add Dayton, Ohio to the list of towns across America running analog shutoff drills to ensure that procrastinating locals, um, get the message. At approximately 6:58PM local time this evening, the city's five stations -- WBDT-TV, WDTN-TV, WHIO-TV, WKEF-TV, and WRGT-TV -- will broadcast a 60-second announcement in which viewers will be tasked to "look for a message which will only be visible on the digital signal." If they can spot the message, they're suitably prepped for February 17, 2009; if not, they'll be given a phone number to frantically call for help. We're told that tonight's test will be the first of a long line of drills taking place over the next 13 weeks, and given that a swath of folks will likely be out getting their Friday night party on, that's probably a good thing.

[Thanks, Dayton Guy]

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