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GrandTec's USB-to-HDMI adapter does exactly what it says

Darren Murph

Those wary of having just one option when it comes to choosing a USB-to-HDMI adapter can breathe a huge sigh of relief, as merely hours after Atlona's AT-HDPiX hit the scene, in flies a top-notch rival from Sewell Direct. The GrandTec SW-20189 USB-to-HDMI converter channels high-def video (up to 720p) through a user's USB port and into a HDMI-accepting display. The primarily difference between this device and the aforementioned Atlona is how it handles audio; you see, this box features a Display Link chip that removes the burden of bandwidth from the USB cable, enabling both audio and video to run through the same copper. 'Course, the lower price tag ($129.95) doesn't hurt things either. Expect this one to start shipping on November 17th.

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