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Lenovo's ThinkPad USB Portable Secure hard drive will make you look, feel more important than you are

Laura June

This anonymous, yet nefarious looking device -- Lenovo's ThinkPad USB Portable Secure Hard Drive -- has a passcode system that uses a physical keypad (see photo), which should be handy for you always on-the-go, James Bond types. In fact, the tiny unit (3 x 5-inches), which is designed to pair up with ThinkPad laptops, can have up to 10 unique user IDs, and an admin account, enabling the whole family to be in on the encrypting-action. We hear the "Vault" (as they like to call it) will be available by month's end, and that the 160GB model will be $180, while the 320GB will run $219. All we need to do now is find some data worth protecting...

[Via I4U News]

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