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PlayStation Blog redesign imminent

Jem Alexander

It looks like the PlayStation Blog will be undergoing a bit of a redesign and, as a result, will be down for a short time on Monday. We're promised that it should be back with us by 9am PST. When it does return it'll have some funky new features and a slightly different layout, as you can see from the screenshot above (click it for a higher res version over at Sony's flickr page).

New features include complete integration of all Sony's web 2.0 activity, including a Twitter ticker and easy links to facebook, viddler and flickr. There will also be a list of recent posts, so that whenever you happen to wake up you will be able to easily see what you've missed since your last visit. This is just the beginning -- the PlayStation Blog will continue to evolve over time (with some pretty cool upcoming features, we might add) and they're looking for your feedback. So leave a comment and let them know what you want to see.

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