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Ask PS3 Fanboy: Volume 12

Majed Athab

Back to our regularly scheduled column, we bring you another week of Q n' A. What questions are we answering this week? Find out after the break.

Keep checking back every weekend -- we'll be sure to answer all intelligent, fun, and relevant questions that you may have. If you haven't asked us anything yet ... why haven't you? Send an e-mail to majed @ with the subject "Ask PS3 Fanboy." We'd like to stress, if your e-mail doesn't include that subject heading, your question will not be answered. If you've got PSP-related questions, be sure to ask them on Ask PSP Fanboy.

Garrett W.: I know that games from Europe will work on an American PS3, is this true for Play TV? If I imported
one, would I be able to get the software, and would the hardware work?
PS3F answers: It will most definitely not work. In order to use PlayTV, you need to have the Freeview service. Unfortunately, that service is not available in North America. So even if you bought it, there would be nothing to capture and record. Last we checked, North America is using the ATSC standard, while Freeview is using something entirely different. In other words, don't get it.

bklynmadmon asks: Is pre-order DLC worth it? My friend and I argue about this all the time. My take on this is you're getting something for nothing that the other gamers can't (and won't) get. My friend thinks the all-mighty dollar speaks louder and the gaming companies will eventually release the same DLC to the general populous. Who's right?
PS3F answers: Well, in some respects you're both right. You're completely right in saying you're getting something for free because you're not paying extra for it -- you're just paying a little bit of money early. But, you're wrong if you think that DLC will be exclusive to pre-orderers later on. There's no reason for companies not to offer DLC at a certain amount of money later on if the content is already there. So, that sort of DLC will be made available to everyone eventually. Take a look at it this way -- it's totally worth it to pre-order and grab the bonus because 1) you didn't pay a cent while others will pay a premium, and 2) you've enjoyed the content way before others have.

Kalil S. asks: My question is what is the different between a cheap HDMI cable and expensive HDMI cable?
PS3F answers: Price. That's it. They work exactly the same. Remember, HDMI is a digital signal -- it has no need for gold plating and what other nonsense that makes cables overly expensive. Go for the cheap one, you won't regret it.

Chris B. asks: When will we finally start seeing Trophies on ALL future Sony games? Can we hope to see this by next year?
PS3F answers: Yes, we expect that to fully saturate by mid-to-late 2009. There will be an increased number of Trophy supported games as the year progresses.

Brent W. asks: What's the deal with the Trophies for Legend of Spyro: Dawn of Dragon?
PS3F answers: Although Trophy support was originally announced for Spyro, a PR representative confirmed that the final game did not ship with Trophies. Unfortunately, it looks like Sonic Unleashed may also meet the same fate. Why it's so difficult for developers to add Trophy support is beyond us.

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