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Blu-ray player price cuts not spurring huge sales... yet

Darren Murph

What do you know, more number games with Blu-ray. The latest report asserts that Blu-ray players, in general, aren't moving any quicker of late even after dropping between $200 and $300. For instance, Texas superstore Bjorn's and Pennsylvania-based Gerhard Appliances "saw no sales change after Sony and Samsung cut $100 off their respective BDP-S350 and BD-P1500 models to $299 at the end of September." Granted, year-to-date BD sales in the aforesaid price range comprised 17% of all BD decks compared to just 9% for that same window through July. Also (and probably more importantly), it's suggested that consumers will finally move in a big way once the bulk of players sink below $200. Of course, we've been hearing similar for quite some time, but now that Black Friday is but days away, we're finally close to finding out who's right in all of this.

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