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Kmart publishes next wave of Black Friday-style deals as world ends

Laura June

Kmart's unloaded some fresh deals upon us today, proving that no matter how completely weak the economy is, come Black Friday (which now encompasses the entire month of November) we'll probably buy up whatever's on sale. They have a few legitimate bargains, certainly, peppered in amongst the tripe, including a 2GB Element MP3 player for $22.99, a 19-inch Sony Bravia M Series LCD HDTV for $374.99, and a GE A835 digital camera for $79.99, all for your consumin' pleasure. The sale starts Sunday, and runs through the actual Black Friday, or until the economy collapses and we move to a bottle-cap-based currency, whichever happens first. Simply not enough bargains for you? Hit the read link for the full rundown.

[Via I4U News]

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