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[UPDATED] Online upgrades to Wrath now available

Zach Yonzon

If you decided to skip on the midnight launches that happened all over the world, or if you managed to resist the urge to go out and buy the game soon after launch, leaving you as one of the few (and perhaps proud) last bastions of anti-Lich Kingdom... maybe it's time to give in. Blizzard has now made direct online upgrades to Wrath of the Lich King available on their website. It's not easy to find, as the option is hidden away in the account management page, and the Buy The Game button on their splash page still leads to the outdated, unhelpful Preorder page. We at WoW Insider are going to do a public service and make it easy for you to upgrade. Just click on the picture above.

This is great news for players unable to secure the game through regular channels, as some stores in other countries have reported trouble stocking the game. The direct online upgrade is also an affordable option as it does away with any shipping costs or related sales taxes by area -- for the most part, anyway, as some states will still get charged a tax. For exactly $39.99 and a roughly 1.7Gb download (if your account is already upgraded to The Burning Crusade), you too can be joining your friends in the cold of Northrend.

This is also a welcome move from Blizzard, who made online upgrades to vanilla and The Burning Crusade comparatively late after those games launched. That the direct online upgrade appears mere days after the game's launch is somewhat surprising but progressive, indicating that Blizzard only wanted to ensure attendance during the worldwide events. I reckon that if this option had been available on launch day, we'd have had pretty empty stores. Now, where'd I put my credit card...

[UPDATE: Please note that some readers have sent in feedback that using the online upgrade service results in an error, so we'd advise to proceed with caution for the meantime. You can learn more about the errors on this thread at the official forums.]

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