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The Queue: Yes, this is what we call it now

Alex Ziebart

Yep. Ask a Beta Tester is officially The Queue. It's kind of a joke, you get it? Get it? You know, queue, like you wait in line for an answer? An A to your Q? Q? Queue? Hahah! Get it? Get it!? Hahahah! Ugh. Queue queue.

Anyway, The Queue is now our daily Q&A column, where the WoW Insider staff answers your questions about the game to the best of our ability. Previously limited to Wrath content, we'll now happily answer most anything about the game if we're able. Today is obviously no exception, so we're going to start with a question from Andostre...

TBC saw a rise in the necessity of Hit Rating. Is Hit as important in Wrath? I ask because Hit isn't nearly as fun as Attack/Spell Power or Crit rating.

Hit is always, and was always, very important. You didn't see much talk about it before The Burning Crusade because gear with stats like that on it was a rarity, especially until deep raid content. The Burning Crusade just made it available. It's still important in Wrath, and unless they change the stat entirely, it will be important in the next expansion.

If you don't find getting hitcapped to be very fun, try to think of it in a different way. Crits do double damage for most classes and specs, right? So a crit is sort of adding another full spell/attack on top of your spell/attack. Hit totally does that. Instead of doing zero damage, you get a full spell on top of your miss! Hooray!

Evi asked...

Do you have any recent word on the new dances we were supposed to get? I heard it was postponed, but I'd like to know if you have any new information. Thanks!

We've got nothin'. It was delayed so they could get it 'right' and we're not sure when we'll see it.

Mouton asked...

Sorry if this got answered back in the day, but how do Heroics work now? I don't see any keys anywhere; is there a quest you do at 80 that grants access to all of them (like Kael's Unfortunate Head did for Magisters)? Or do you just have to hit 80?

Wrath Heroics don't require any attunements at all. Once you hit level 80, flip it over to Heroic and have fun. Raids are mostly the same with some exceptions. The Malygos raid, the Eye of Eternity, requires a drop elsewhere to get in. Beyond that, there are no attunements for anything.

Talmar asked...

I've read a lot about the Death Knight class but I haven't seen yet (or I have and can't remember it) which of the different talent trees is best for what roles. Which is best for tanking? DPS? caster? etc. I know they're all suppose to be viable for everything but each tree should do something better than the others.

So far, which is better for what role is largely opinion, but I can relay those opinions if you'd like.

  • For tanking, Unholy seems to be the favorite. Bone Shield is fantastic, and the amount of AOE threat they can generate is better than Blood or Frost.
  • For DPS, Blood is one of the most popular specs, though it may be an aesthetic/gameplay choice. Blood is a heavy-hitting, self-sustaining spec. It feels like you're tearing things apart with your weapon rather than diseases and afflictions, and that's something people think of when they think Death Knight. Unholy is also very popular as a DPS spec, though.
  • For casters, you want to go to your trainer, unlearn your talent points, log out, delete your Death Knight and roll a Warlock.
Stefan asked...

How aboout we call it Ask an Alpha Omega? Has a nice ring to it.

While I am exceedingly awesome and amazingly good looking, calling myself the Alpha and the Omega would probably be a bit much, you know?

That's all from us for today, but please keep the questions coming! If you have a question for the WoW Insider team, ask your question in the comments section below and we'll do our best to answer you soon, in a future edition of The Queue!

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