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Wrath 101: Upgrading equipment in minutes on the AH

Dan O'Halloran

New Wrath greens are dropping fast and furious, as are BoE blues, plus crafters are cranking out new Wrath pieces to level up and much of this is getting dumped on the Auction House. If you're still wearing Outland greens and blues, I highly recommend heading directly to the AH and search the Armor and Weapons section. Sort the results by level so new Wrath items will show up at the top. Now, go crazy.

Last night I found four pieces that were significant upgrades to what I was wearing. On my Feral Cat Druid I replaced my Staff of Beasts with an Aquatic Great Staff of the Tiger (+40 Agi, +40 Str.) I also picked up Vrykul Shackles, Arctic Chestpiece and Deacon's Wraps (for his healing kit).

Clearly this won't work well for those who are Kara geared (and beyond) but for everyone else, you can grab some excellent pieces for 10-50 gold. If you have trouble determining if a piece is an upgrade, install the RatingsBuster AddOn that translates stats into direct benefits (i.e. +5 Agility displays as +0.13% Crit & +0.26% Dodge for my Feral Druid.)

Arthas awaits and so do your questions. Find the answers you've been looking for that will help you with your journey into Northrend and to level 80 with Wrath 101.

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