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The Best of Big Download: November 10-16


The holiday shopping season is about kick into high gear....keep your stress down about buying presents for your mother-in-law by checking out a week's worth of highlights from Big Download:

Exclusive features
  • Playing Together: Co-op in PC FPS Games: Doom started the whole co-op mod in PC shooters and we look back at the trend on the eve of the launch of Left 4 Dead.
  • Microsoft talks about Games For Windows Live plans: Microsoft's Michael Wolf gives us the 411 on their plans to revamp their Games For Windows Live service include their upcoming Marketplace additions.
  • America's Army AA3 screenshot comparisons: America's Army is developing an Unreal Engine 3 revamp of their free multiplayer shooter and we have detailed screenshot comparisons of both the current and upcoming versions.
  • League of Legends interview: We chat with Riot Games about their upcoming multplayer fantasy action-strategy game.
  • Reviews: We review the latest American McGee's Grimm episode King Midas
  • MODMonday: Our mod column this week is about a graphical revamp of Wolfenstein 3D, WolfGL
  • Big Iron: Our hardware column this week takes a look at the perils of system restores in PC rigs
  • Mac Monday: This week's look at gaming on the Mac takes a look at the recent fantasy RPG Kivi's Underground.
  • Independent Minds: Our regular look at the indie game scene takes a look at titles made with the Unity platform.
  • Boot Disk and Virtual Bargain Bin: Both our retro gaming and value priced game columns this week are about the turn based strategy game Disciples: The Sacred Lands.
  • Big Ideas: Our regular look at trends in gaming is all about game reviews and how useful they really are.
  • Freeware Friday: Our regular look at free games this week is about the procedural RTS game Dyson.
  • BigCast: Our weekly podcast on PC gaming has some guest chatters this time round from sister sites Joystiq and GameDaily.
  • Contests: We are giving our readers a way to win one of three copies of the PC version of Quantum of Solace and we still have beta codes to give out for Battleforge.

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