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A "gaming shield" for the iPhone and 3G


I have a feeling people will probably love these or hate these, but personally, I like the fact that they look a little different than most iPhone cases out there. The folks at Element Cases sent us a note about their new "gaming shields" for the iPhone. If you're trying to make your iPhone look different, they'll certainly help. Marketed towards gamers, the cases offer impact protection and an easier form factor to hold on to, even during raucous games of MotoChaser.

I also like their "Flip-Lid" idea -- the front of the case is retained by magnets, and can be "flipped" to the back of the case for storage while you use the iPhone. It's a neat way to keep the front covered without that awkward flap that some cases use.

My iPhone is currently sitting in an iSkin Revo (I like how thin and tough it is, even though it grabs lint from my pocket like crazy), and my iPod is in an awesome leather Vaja case. However, if I ever picked up an iPod touch for using around the house, I'd definitely consider this -- at $99US it's a bit pricey, but for a custom-built case that adds rugged style to your iPhone, it's worth checking out.

Special note: next week TUAW will be giving away 5 of these. Each case is a custom order, so winners will be able to customize the case before they receive them.
- Ed.

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