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First Look: My Little Tank for iPhone


C'mon -- you know you've always wanted to go cruising around in a tank, blasting things to pieces. Now you can have the vicarious thrill of driving a little tank around in Handmark's latest game, a scrolling-screen arcade-style blaster called My Little Tank for iPhone (click opens iTunes). It's from the wizards at Astraware, Handmark's game studio.

You have your choice of seven tank colors (that whirring sound you hear is General George Patton spinning in his grave when you choose the pink tank). You can control My Little Tank with an onscreen virtual d-pad, by swiping the screen with your finger to move the tank, and accelerometer-based directional tilt. You can listen to the built-in soundtrack, or pick your own music to enjoy while playing.

My Little Tank for iPhone will keep you busy for a while with 80 increasingly difficult missions, five different enemy tank types, and six different power-ups to help you in your battle. The terrain on which you'll command your tank includes plains, deserts, snow, and swamps.

More details about the US$4.99 app can be found on the Astraware website or in the iTunes store. Be sure to watch the YouTube video below for five minutes of fun.

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