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High Fidelity HDTV nabs 20 IMAX originals

Darren Murph

Canadian broadcaster High Fidelity HDTV has just acquired the exclusive rights to a number of IMAX originals, and it's not just keeping them for itself. A total of 20 IMAX films will begin airing in December on its suite of HD channels: Oasis HD, Equator HD, Treasure HD and Rush HD. Among the titles are The Secret Of Life On Earth, Fires Of Kuwait, Hail Columbia, The Nutcracker, T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous, Space Station, Into the Deep, Destiny in Space, China: The Panda Adventure, Blue Planet, Ozarks: Legacy and Legend, Heartland, L5: First City in Space, The Last Buffalo, Skyward, The Dream is Alive, Mission to Mir, Galapagos, Survival Island and Mountain Gorilla. Thank goodness it didn't have to ask the CRTC for permission to add 'em, though.

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