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One Shots: Medic!

There's always something going on in New Eden. From the basics like mining and mission running to huge PvP wars, Tranquility is abuzz with activity. Today's One Shots comes from Massively's very own EVE Online columnist, Brendan Drain, who is also known in the EVE community as Nyphur. Brendan's weekly column, EVE Evolved, keeps players in-the-know on this highly interesting sandbox MMO - and the note he sent along with today's One Shots is no exception to his normal insight. Brendan tells us a bit about this interesting ship: This is an Oneiros, the Gallente logistics cruiser. Its role is basically the healer class out of other MMOs. With a massive bonus to remote armor repairer range and capacitor use, these ships are perfect for assisting with difficult level 5 missions and are very useful in organised PVP gangs.

Are there any insights, tips, or tricks you'd like to give others in regards to your favorite game? Perhaps you'd like to show off your favorite ship, as our other EVE Online writer James Egan did, or you have great screens of PvP. If you've got screenshots from your favorite MMO, we want them! Just send them in to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name and a brief description. Yours could be the next one featured here!

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