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Tabula Rasa introduces new Epic Bane

Shawn Schuster

In the worlds of Tabula Rasa, the Bane have been relentless in their attacks against the remaining humans who threaten their plans of complete domination. In response to this, they have developed a new type of super-troop to turn the tide in their favor a bit. These new Bane are called E.P.I.C., or Enhanced Primary Invasion Conscripts. They have shown up in small groups sporadically throughout Foreas and Arieki, killing all AFS they encounter.

According to the most recent Feedback Friday, these Epics will need a full squad of high-ranking soldiers to take them down. Among the Epics spotted so far, there have been reports of Caretakers, Technicians, Grenadiers, Pistol and Rifle Soldiers wreaking havoc across the two planets. Is this a last-ditch effort by the Bane, or a simply a distraction used while they focus their true power elsewhere? Hop in game and find out as the interesting elements of TR's lore continue to unfold.

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