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WoW Insider speaks with Nymh, part 2

Alex Ziebart

WoW Insider: Are you happy with the speed that you leveled, or at all disappointed? Do you think it was too easy to just grind mobs?

Nymh: I'm perfectly happy with my grinding speed. It was better than what I planned in the beginning. It was not really "easy," you have to consider that I was Sunwell geared (2000 spell power fully buffed definitely helps kill things faster), I hardly spammed my keyboard for 26 hours. I had the perfect spec for it... It is not something everyone could have done.

WoW Insider: Did you keep track of how much money you made grinding those trolls? I'm sure your bags get pretty full after 26 hours of nonstop killing. Did you even bother with looting?

Nymh: No loot! No time. But I made some calculations. I have killed about 20,000 trolls, and would have been looting between 5 and 22 silver... I guess I would have made more than 5k gold with all the loot (greens/whites/greys included).

WoW Insider: Do your friends and guildmates that helped you get to 80 want to add anything, especially your healer? It was really nice of them to help you out, and I definitely think they deserve some time in the spotlight as well.

Pavelomm: Thanks to Nymh for the challenge, and to everyone for your consideration. Thanks for all of the encouraging whispers during the performance. Moreover, of course, thanks to all people on forums or in whispers who seemed so worried about my real life. I accept all sort of presents, my bank account number is 0439...

See ya!

WoW Insider: Any last words from you, Nymh? Either about the leveling process, or something else entirely? Any questions that we at WoW Insider can answer for you since you were so kind as to do this for us?

Nymh: Well, if you know the next numbers at the euromillions...

WoW Insider: Let me hop in my time machine and get back to you on that. Thank you again for talking to us Nymh, and good luck on Malygos!

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