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CCP Games releases EVE Fanfest 2008 videos

James Egan

Most EVE Online players didn't have the opportunity to attend EVE Fanfest 2008 in Reykjavik earlier this month, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have to miss out on what was revealed. CCP Games and EVE TV have made good on their promise to release video footage of Fanfest presentations and panel discussions. While they did make live audio of some of this available in-game over EVE Voice, it was difficult to follow without the visuals to tie it all together.

Now, they've put up a new video page dedicated to EVE Fanfest 2008, with both low res and high res downloads. They culled roughly 30 hours of raw footage down into 12 videos. We've listed them below, accompanied by the CCP descriptions and video links, for both YouTube (when available) and high resolution versions:

  • The World Domination keynote is not to be missed -- the focal point of all major EVE announcements. YouTube / high resolution.
  • The Cutting Edge talk outlines some of our future graphics and tools from, yes, the "cutting edge" of gaming: YouTube / high resolution.
  • The Alliance Panel brings the movers and shakers of the EVE playerbase front and center: YouTube / high resolution.
  • A staged reading of a brand new chronicle, wherein we explain just how crazy EVE agents really are. There will be sex, violence, theft, drugs, and a sandwich: high resolution.
  • Comparing market and socio-economic data between Tranquility and Serenity: high resolution.
  • Hear from the CSM panel on their progress during the first elected term and their vision for the future of EVE and the CSM, lead by an independent moderator: high resolution.
  • A look at how the immersive backstory of EVE integrates with content and game design: high resolution.
  • A demonstration of Walking in Stations and more information about where the expansion is in development: high resolution.
That's a substantial amount of footage right there. So if you'd just like a preview of the EVE Fanfest videos, check out the embedded footage of the teaser video below:

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