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New Wii update targets modded save files, alters user agreement


When dealing with new and apparently minor Wii updates, we always consider Nintendo's struggle against the homebrew community to be as futile as Arnold Schwarzenegger's barrage of attacks on the T-1000. The aggressive application of shotgun shells, grenades and liquid nitrogen tanks can do naught but delay the 'brew crew, always reassembling itself and slipping through the next exploitable crack*.

Aside from, once again, removing "unauthorized modifications to save files" (think: Twilight Hack), the 3.4 update alters the Wii's Network Services User Agreement, adds an "enhancement" to parental controls and enables compatible USB keyboards to be used with the Mii channel. Exciting!

[Via Nintendo Wii Fanboy]

*Of course, the T-1000 is defeated in the end ... but then Arnie tosses himself into a smelting pool. Hmm. Honestly, we didn't really think the comparison through. Does the lava represent core gamers?

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