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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending November 9th, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

Again the affects of the Blu-ray demographic can be felt on this week's Nielsen VideoScan charts courtesy of Home Media Magazine as Kung Fu Panda debuts at number five. While the animated feature managed to sell 88 percent as many DVDs on one day -- thanks to a Sunday release -- as Get Smart did in an entire week, on Blu-ray it only managed about 44 percent, or about 5 percent of the title's total sales. This is far below the weekly share of 8 percent that Blu-ray managed overall and way less than the 13 percent Journey to the Center of the Earth managed. Speaking of which, although the Blu-ray Journey managed to steal more sales away from DVD then Get Smart, overall it wasn't able to sell more copies. Looking ahead to next week, we expect that Blu-ray will still have revenues in the double digits, as it has for the past 6 weeks or so, but we doubt it'll go up when the biggest title will probably be Hellboy II.

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