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Samsung intros colorful Tobi S3030, unashamedly markets it to tweens

Darren Murph

No one can get on Samsung's case for being bashful with its marketing, as the Tobi S3030 is being aimed squarely at "pre-teens, young adults, and anyone who desires to experience fun and safety features from their mobile phones." In other words, the Tobi won't do anything spectacular, but it is offered up in a variety (six, to be exact) of lovable hues and includes a gaggle of safety features including SOS Call, SOS Message and Fake Call (saywha?). Furthermore, you'll be thrilled to know that it's built with recyclable and biodegradable plastic so the environment won't suffer when you chunk this thing in a few weeks. Oh, and if you're looking for specs, try this: 1.9-inch display, 1.3-megapixel camera, tri-band GSM connectivity, Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, 15MB of internal memory and a microSD card slot. Look for this one in the UK / Italy this month with other European nations / China to follow suit shortly.

[Via Engadget Poland]

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