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Bajca's emoticon keyboard / jewelry-making kit might be emotionally unstable

Laura June

Be honest with yourself: you've always wanted a dedicated, 16-key emoticon keyboard with "keys" that pulled doubled duty as expressive jewelry, right? Well, you got it! Bajca's Smile Keypad aims to "make real the emoticon," and as far as we can tell, they've totally nailed it. The USB-friendly keyboard has classic smiley face-looking keys which pop out using some special tongs, then are popped into pieces of jewelry -- rings, bracelets, necklaces -- sky's the limit, apparently. It's not really crystal clear if all of these pieces are going to be included, or if they'll be sold separately, or if this is ever going to make it to the market. All we can do is hope. Check out a few more emotionally charged shots after the break.

[Thanks, Matilde]

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