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Chrono Trigger piracy checks already beaten


After its novel attempts to prevent illegal distribution of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, Square Enix has packed numerous piracy checks into Chrono Trigger DS. Sadly (and predictably), hackers have already found a fix to the problem, if this huge thread on the GBAtemp forums is to be believed.

When the ROM of Chrono Trigger was first dumped online earlier this week, naughty flashcart users discovered that it was impossible to progress past certain points in the title. Never-ending time travel (near the start of the game) and the inability to open the Cathedral doors after recruiting Frog were just two of the problems encountered by pirates.

Typically, however, it has taken hackers mere hours to find a workaround for the copyright protection -- further evidence that developers and publishers, regardless of size, face an uphill battle against those who yarr.


[Thanks, RupeeClock!]

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