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Dissidia's Communication Mode detailed

Alan Tsang

In the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, the Communication Mode in Dissdia is explained. Players begin by waiting in an Online Lobby that is capable of accommodating 16 players. Each player can create their own profile called a Friend Card -- one of the functions of this card is it allows the game to keep track of your how you play and creates a "ghost" of you. You can then transfer this "ghost" to a friend's game and they can fight a character controlled by the A.I. that imitates your fighting style. The scan also shows the EX modes of Cloud (who wields the Ultima Weapon) and Sephiroth (as the One-winged angel). Lastly, adhocParty will be supported. The rest of the scans are here.

In related news, V Jump published some new art from Dissidia, the most striking of which is the above poster featuring all the characters in the game. Unlike other artwork from the game, this one is rendered in CG. Check out the scans at VideogamerX.

Source -- 2ch via PSPHyper
Source -- VideogamerX via PSPHyper

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