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Nokia E71 finally coming to AT&T as E71x

Chris Ziegler

We've been hearing for ages that there was a super-special version of the E71 with an AT&T ROM floating around somewhere in Nokia's skunkworks, but solid evidence of its existence has been scarce to say the least; some said it was canceled, some said it was just taking its sweet time going through the testing process, and some put a hand over our mouth and told us never to speak "AT&T" and "E71" in the same sentence again lest an agent overhear us. New in-the-wild shots give us -- and the North American S60-loving public -- newfound hope that the phone's gonna actually happen, but it'll emerge as the "E71x." That's a new suffix for Nokia, so we really have no idea what it might mean -- more internal memory would be cool, but we're not really counting on it. Word is that it'll be available for something in the $150 range when it finally hits, so if the 6650 isn't your cup o' tea, hang tight. (And by the way, guys, we're totally digging the black.)

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