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Pfft, 1080p? Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, in 2160p


What happens when you take four PS3 systems, one copy of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, and a Sony SRX-110 projector and put them all together? Well, you get one incredible GT experience. At the 10th Anniversary Party in New York City, Polyphony Digital ran an interesting experiment, where they were able to render the game in a glorious 2160p resolution. That's four times the resolution of the current maximum standard for HDTVs: 1080p.

The application is surprisingly simple. Each PS3 is dedicated to rendering one part of the enhanced 2160p image, with each PS3 rendering one full 1080p image. When combined, all four images turn into something that would make videophiles cry.

That wasn't the only fun and games at the event. No, Polyphony also ran another experiment with 4 PS3s: they were also able to create a 240 fps experience. Each PS3 would render alternating 60 frames per second, so that the end result would be blisteringly fast. At that point, we doubt the human eye would be able to appreciate such fluidity.

So, guys -- how 'bout you stop partying and making amazing 2160p tech demos, and uh -- you finish Gran Turismo 5? Please?

[Via PlayStation Boards]

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