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Around Azeroth: Down the hatch

[1.General - The Island] [Locke]: WTF, why's there a giant hatch in the middle of nowhere?
To [Locke]: Dude don't go there, I heard it's like full of elites.
[Locke] whispers: I've got a party, we should be cool. You want in?
To [Locke]: I'm telling you it's a bad idea. It's got the numbers on its side! 4 13375? 4 13375? This is not a good thing. The last time we saw those numbers we got chased halfway across Un'Goro by that damn polar bear! I think something kited it down there!
[Locke] whispers: Look, Jack's agreed to actually heal for once. We can't wait much longer. Are you coming or not, Hurley?
To [Locke]: If the rest of the guild is in, I'll go, but if the tank dies I'm running out.
[Locke] whispers: K. Bring a Seaforium Charge, none of us has the key.

Thanks to Smokeu of <Undead and Fabulous> on Crushridge for this pop-culturelicious screenshot, and to my LOST-watching boyfriend Jon (aka Grottu of Moon Guard) for helping me with the details.

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