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New American PS3 ads are very impressive

Majed Athab

Impressive. That pretty much sums up how we feel after watching this new collection of PlayStation adverts for holiday season 2008. The three commercials you are about to watch are all very different, but they have one unifying theme (well, other than PlayStation duh). They all utilize holographic images to show off PS3-exclusive titles. Our favorite one is posted above, which shows off some exclusive action titles: Resistance 2, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, and the Dark Knight film on Blu-ray.

Another commercial touts the PlayStation Network. It clearly promotes lively, social gaming as you'll notice the happy people going about their daily business. It's interesting to note that each person has their own holographic game image imposed on their bodies giving a hint at saying, "hey, we've got a little something for everyone." A sharp contrast to this one is the next, somewhat dark series of adverts. It's sort of eerie with its slow-motion and starry-eyed actors. It's an interesting piece that asks you "have you made your wish list yet?" We wonder if you have?

Check out the other two vids after the break, or, get ready to see them on TV very soon.

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