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Sonic Solutions signs on to acquire CinemaNow

Darren Murph

Now here's a couple that really makes sense. Sonic Solution's fancy schmancy burn technology is already used on Qflix-enabled DVD burners, and those very drives are used to toast CinemaNow movies. See the connection? Do ya? Obvious similarities aside, Sonic really has entered into a "definitive agreement" to acquire CinemaNow, and after the deal goes down, CinemaNow will combine with Sonic's Qflix team to form "a new Premium Content Group under the direction of Mark Ely, Sonic's EVP of Strategy." The reason? To increase the placement of CinemaNow's storefront on PCs and consumer electronics devices, all while "expanding the adoption of the Qflix technology platform." We hope Sonic scored this company for a song, 'cause even with our blinders on, we just can't see Qflix becoming the next big thing. Nor the next, next big thing.

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