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Sony to require Trophies in PS3 games next year

Justin McElroy

You know the best thing about playing Little League? It wasn't the exercise or the camaraderie. Those were hard to come by for a fat little kid in left field, picking dandelions and praying that none of the C.M. Love Hardware Braves would have the brute force to muscle a ball to his corner of the stadium. No, the best part was the guarantee of a trophy, a shining reminder that, for a time at least, you were somebody, you were an athlete.

After January 2009 arrives, games on the PS3 will have the same allure of Little League, with each required by Sony to offer trophies, according to

As this news didn't take too much space to pass along to you, we'll take this opportunity to apologize for the deeply personal turn the first paragraph of this post took. Totally our mistake.

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