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Square Enix speaks out on Chrono Trigger piracy


Square Enix has reacted to the rampant piracy of Chrono Trigger DS by declaring itself to be "vigorously against" the illegal distribution of games, and warning that it expects a sharp drop in Chrono Trigger sales as a result. As we reported yesterday, the eagerly anticipated RPG shipped with a whole series of piracy checks, only for hackers to break those within hours of the game being dumped online for download. It's difficult not to feel sorry for Square Enix, and equally hard to see practical solutions.

In slightly happier news (well, for the fans, anyway), the (Japan-based) Chrono Trigger fan club is giving away copies of the game's soundtrack (as seen above) to 3,000 customers who actually buy the game -- two of which will be autographed by composer Yasunori Mitsuda. See: it pays not to yarr.

Source: Square responds to piracy [via Go Nintendo]
Source: Chrono Trigger soundtrack


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